…and relax

Have You Never Been Mellow?

After a long day at work or school, what are your favorite ways to wind down and decompress?

i talk to a lot of people in my job, so come 5pm i really appreciate the peace and quiet. after a nice hot shower & something to eat i like to catch up on my shows (usually whatever was on the night before in the US) and then read.
And if it’s a Friday night, that all happens with a glass of wine in my hand.

this seemed to happen entirely of it’s own accord whilst i was bored at work today.

so we’ll see how it goes…

i have a tendency to create blogs and forget about them, and by extension my password (a previous WP) or tweak and play with the themes and then subsequently…post nothing (guilty of that over on Blogspot).

i spend a lot of time on tumblr (pretty people) and Pinterest (pretty places) but have also been known to Tweet up a storm if something tickles me.

and i have Instagram. But let’s be honest; that’s mainly just food and Gillian Anderson.