Daily Prompt: Moments to Remember

What are the three most memorable moments — good or bad, happy or sad — in your life? Go!

thinking about this i realized i have had many ‘memorable moments’ so far in my life. and all the ones that came to mind first were good memories. i, like many, have a tendency to block out unpleasant memories – to get to those i would have had to think long and hard.

the three that came to me in a snap were (in chronological order if you will); the first time i was on an airplane, the first time i saw Madonna live and meeting Gillian Anderson.

i was twelve when i first went on an international holiday. my close family were not big holiday go-ers and whilst people i knew were going to Spain or Florida; i never left the UK, venturing no further than bonnie Scotland.
it wasn’t until my great Aunt offered to take me to New Zealand that i realized what i was missing. and what a big deal it was that i had agreed almost immediately when she asked if i wanted to go on holiday with her for a month.
there i was, my first flight ever and it was 13hours to Singapore! talk about not doing things by half.
what i remember the most was Singapore Airlines as a whole. the lush purple interior, the immaculately dressed stewards, the tv in the back of the seat in front! (my young mind could barely handle it) Sure, my ears hurt and i didn’t sleep a wink – but that’s still true of me when i fly today. but by the end of the month i was a pro (if i do say so myself) having gone from never even set foot on a plane to Singapore, to Australia, New Zealand, The Cook Islands, California and back to England all in the space of 4weeks.
this not only holds a special place in my heart because it was my ‘first time’ but also because it gave the travel bug. i was gone. i was smitten. and since then have traveled endlessly…well, as much as my time and budget would allow. either way; i have Singapore Airlines to thank for it.

like air travel there was something else i didn’t do until i hit my teens; go to a concert. when i was very young i never ‘liked’ a band or artist that my friends liked enough to go and see them. i was an old soul even then; more likely to be found listening to Celine Dion than A1. and even more often; Madonna. when her Reinvention Tour rolled around i knew it was time. i was ready. i HAD to be there. i begged my Mum to get me a ticket for my birthday (and to come with me. it wasn’t exactly near by, so i needed a ride.) i’m not exaggerating when i say; i burst into tears when she came on stage. rising up from the floor, doing a headstand as the opening bars to Vogue played…i’m getting chills just thinking about it. since then, me and my mother have seen her every time she’s toured. one tour even twice. if i ever got the chance i’d like to thank Madonna. not only for being the greatest female artist the world has ever seen (or will see). not only for being a fantastic role model for me and countless other women. but also for bringing me and my mother closer. we don’t have a lot in common but for one night every couple of years we get to share an indescribable experience with thousands of other fans. and that is something very special to me.

the third moment was actually the one i thought of first. eight months ago i went to San Diego Comic Con for the second time. i could write an entire post about how my times at CC are memorable moments themselves if i’m honest.
but this past summer when i met GIllian Anderson it most certainly took first place as my most memorable moment. to cut a very long (and geek-filled fangirling) story short, i was front row for one of the two panels she did. she auctioned off the shirt she was wearing. i won it. and the rest is history.
I’ve been in love with her since at least 1996. i could say i’ve idolized her since then, been a fan since then. but nope; love. 100%. when it was announced she was attending the Con i made a mental note to at the very least get an autograph. but it’s safe to say i got swept up in it all and when she auctioned off her shirt, looking right at me in the front row; i knew i had to have it.
so not only did i get her autograph, i got a photo with her, her signed shirt, a goofy photo of her with the shirt and the chance to hang out with her; watching her do her other photo ops and autographs before she could take her short off for me (o_0) i even befriended her her PA (she was a huge Mary McDonnell fan. i approved.)
Since then i not only think a lot about that afternoon (her arm around me and how her hair smelled. shallow, i am so shallow) but also a lot about her charity work and the people my Xnumber of pounds from the auction will go towards helping.
i’ve recently been at a place in my life where the phrase ‘Stuck in a rut’ doesn’t even begin to cover it. but meeting someone you’ve loved/looked up to since you can remember changes your perspective (or at least it did to me) i know now that if i want things to change i need to go ahead and make it happen. myself. for myself.
like Gillian says; ‘Courage means feeling the fear and doing it anyway.’


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